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I am a masters candidate at the McGill University in Montreal. The subject of my research touches many fields related to evolutionary biology, but mainly focuses on describing new and innovative methods of studying functions on phylogenetic trees. Officially, the field is mathematics, but it is more of a blend of mathematics, biology, computer science, and paleonthology.

At the surface, I am a climber, a programmer, a book reader, an xtreme blader, a snowboarder, a designer, a music lover, a soccer fan, and a couch potatoe. But inside, I am a philosopher and a globe trotter. I continually crave the unknown, the new, and the loneliness of being away. I love to combine adventure and pleasure, and so a climbing trip is never out of the question. Lately, I have been to a trip in New-Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and Cambodia. The next trip should be around South Africa or South America.

In the near future, I see myself working for a bio-chemestry company developing softwares for testing newly discovered drugs computationally. I would love to work on a PhD in the next years and save enough money to get on the road again. My conveted area of research for a PhD would be the analysis of the evolution of the hominids family and applications of evolutionary models. I always loved the ape family and found our relationship with the apes very intriguing.

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